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Foster Bullies

March 9, 2009

Ya’ll remember when DawgMom let Chico, our foster brother use the computer to tell a little about himself? Well, he found his forever home! His new hoomans think he’s awesome and sent DawgMom some pictures of him with his new sister, Maisey. He is living in NC not too far from us and having a great time in his new house. His new name is Buster and from the looks of his pictures, he doesn’t miss us at all. DawgMom says Chico aka Buster, was the best dog we could get for our first time rescuing and fostering a Bull Terrier. He was such an easy, fun dog to have around, he made the whole process easy on her and DawgDaddy. Check out how happy he looks.

With his new hooman, Craig

With his new hooman, Craig

Buster with his new sister, Maisey

Buster with his new sister, Maisey

"See my smile?"

"See us smile?" Sitting pretty for a treat

The very next day after Chico aka Buster went to his forever home, DawgMom got an email from Miss Becky about a Bullie girl in the Knoxville shelter that needed to be pulled out of there by the next day or they were going to send her to the Rainbow Bridge! So, on Valentine’s Day, DawgMom and DawgDaddy head to Knoxville to pick her up. LizzyBelle is small for a Bull Terrier and has some “issues” She is a very nervous girl and when she gets stressed out, she chases her tail until she catches it! When she catches it, she bites it until it bleeds. Her tail is a mess! She has to be on medicine to help her and DawgMom has to make sure her day stays on the same schedule all the time or she gets all stressed out again.  It’s pretty strange, cause us Bullies don’t understand why she does it. DawgMom says she was not lucky enough to have hoomans that loved her right from the start and she just didn’t know how to deal with being left somewhere by herself. She has been in bunches of home and 2 shelters already! She is starting to act like a normal dog, but DawgMom said she feels like we take 2 steps forward and one step back with her. Whatever that means.
DawgMom ordered a “Bite Not” collar for her to wear when no one is around to keep an eye on her and it makes her look like Frankie-stein. We’re not supposed to make fun of her, but it is funny looking and it’s hard not to make fun.
Trying to sleep on DawgDaddy with the Bite Not collar on

Trying to sleep on DawgDaddy with the Bite Not collar on

 We’re not sure how long Miss LizzyBelle will be with us, but DawgMom says it will probably be a while. We don’t mind though, she is very sweet and likes to play with us even though she don’t really know how to play. Can you believe that? She don’t even know how to play! We’re teaching her though. Well, everybody but Darla Jean is teaching her, Darla Jean bosses her around too much, so she is not allowed to play with her yet. She loves our little brothers and sisters and even sleeps with them. We hope she will come around enough to find her own forever home, but right now, we’re not sure what will happen. Just when we think she is getting better and not going to mutilate her tail, something will happen and she will have it bleeding again. She even bit the whole end off of it last week when she thought DawgMom left her! We are trying to teach her how to be a Bullie and how to have fun and that she doesn’t need to be afraid of things, but it’s hard work! Makes us all very tired.

Sunning myself at our house in the woods

Sunning myself at our house in the woods

Anyway, thought we would give you a few updates and show you some pictures, now since that weatherbug thingie on our ‘pooter says it’s 70 degrees outside, we’re gonna go play for a while. We’ll be back to our blog later.
Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzyBelle

Little brothers and sisters….

February 8, 2009

can be a real pain in a Bullie’s butt sometimes. Remember how I told you we live here with little brothers and sisters, well I thought I would introduce one of them to you. See when DawgMom and DawgDaddy got married back in June of 2007, all of us became a family. DawgDaddy had 6 of us and DawgMom had 8 of us. We became something like a Doggie Brady Bunch. So I’d like you to meet Cissy. She is not the youngest, but she is pretty little, so I guess she would be like Cindy’s counterpart, their names are alike. She’s bratty like Cindy too.

Hoggin the bed

Hoggin the bed

Pappy says: Here’s the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up 8 very lovely pups….

Darla says: Pappy!! Hush up! Feather’s tryin to tell a story!

Pappy: I’m tellin’ a story too, didn’t you hear me? “Here’s the story”??

Cissy says: Ya’ll knock it off! Feather is tryin to introduce me! Sheesh, ya’ll really are Bull TerrOrs!!

Feather says: Please ignore them, they are sooo rude! I’m gonna tell DawgMom not to give them any chicken feet tomorrow

Anyway, I was trying to say, when they got married, we all moved in together and all of us got along really good. Cissy is a little black Chiwawa, Chiwaawaa, Messican Taco Bell dawg, and talk about bossy, man is she ever! DawgMom says it’s because she came from such a bad past.

 DawgMom got her out of the animal shelter in D.C. and she was really sad. She was really scared of everybody and everything, she would scream, shoot a turd at the same time and try to bite anybody that came close to her. She was REAL skinny too and DawgMom says her first stoopid owner was mean to her.  That’s how come DawgMom named her Cissy, cause she was a sissy about everything. She was even afraid to go poop, she would start shaking real bad and start whining and when she finally couldn’t hold it any longer and did poop, she would run back in the house and hide under the bed shaking for a long time, like she was afraid she would get in trouble or something! She was afraid of everything. She’s not anymore though. DawgMom has had her for 6 years now and we think she is about 8 years old.

She's beggin, like always

She's beggin, like always

Now, Cissy thinks she is the boss of everything and everybody. She even bosses DawgDaddy sometimes, but he just laughs at her. She bosses me alot because I like to do my head-thing at her. I bow down so I’m real close to the ground like she is and shake my head back and forth at her. It drives her crazy! I think it’s funny and take off hucklebutting all through the house just to make her chase me. She’s like a piranha on crack! All you can see is big white streak (me) with a little black and white flash (Cissy and her teeth) running behind and she sounds like an over grown bumble bee when she growls and snarls. It’s is just too funny.

Pappy says: Till the one day when this lady met this fellow, and they knew it was much more than a hunch…

Darla says: Will ya KNOCK IT OFF! I’m trying to hear Feather!

Pappy says: that this group would somehow form a family, that’s the way we all became the Doggie Brady Bunch!

Cissy says: That’s it! I’m tellin’! MOOOOOMM!

Cissy in her hoodie

Cissy in her hoodie

Schmoozin DawgDaddy's dinner

Schmoozin DawgDaddy's dinner


Well that’s just great!  Now thanks to Pappy’s singing and teasing everybody, then Cissy screeching for DawgMom, we have to get off the computer and go to bed! Thanks alot ya’ll! I was going to tell everybody about  Mango Minster,  and go see who all was entered in this neat bloggy doggie show, but I can’t now! Ya’ll just wait, what goes around comes around and I’ll get ya’ll back!

Pappy says: Doggie Brady Bunch, Doggie Brady Bunch, that’s the way we all became…


Cissy says: and they say little dogs never shut up! You ask me, it’s those terrOrs that never shut up!

Hey, Listen up!

January 30, 2009

Playing with stuffieMy name is Chico, and it looks like I have been left out of the introductions around here!

I am living in this mad house for a while as a foster dog, but it looks like Feather some Bullies seem to think I’m something akin to a red-headed step-child! Well, Hello, I am WHITE, not red! Even my ear markings are brindle, no red to be found anywhere, thankyouverymuch!Enjoying a turkey leg

I know DawgMom is not my permanent DawgMom, but for now, she is, so let’s not leave me out, I AM a Bull Terrier after all! Just because I can’t say “Rufus is my uncle” (ahem! Pappy) or “I won Best of Variety once and got a point” (ahem! Feather) or “I have a pedigree, ya know” (ahem! Darla) that does not make me chopped liver! Wait!  Liver? I heard DawgMom say that was what we are having  for dinner, I loves me some liver, it’s good….oh! wait!  back to what I was saying……

First of all to Darla, I have a pedigree too, just because I don’t have any papers that you can read it on, I do have a Mama & a Daddy somewhere in this world! Besides, you’re just jealous that I like DawgDaddy as much as you do!Playing

To Feather: A point? What’s yer point? A point for what? You buying things out of Dog Catalogs and collecting them? Who cares about your old point? I mean, what good is it doing you? Does it get you extra treats or something?? I didn’t think so.

To Pappy: Rufus? Who is Rufus? Do I know him? Am I supposed to know him? I got uncles too, just because I can’t tell you who they are, does NOT mean I don’t have them (to DawgMom or anyone else: whatsa uncle anyways?)

So, I would appreciate it if you would all give me the acknowledgement I deserve! I mean one day, I will not be here, I will be in my forever home and then what are you going to do? You won’t have me around to talk to, or play with, or anything and let’s face it, I do know how to play some pretty cool games.

Oh and another thing, I don’t see ya’ll “sitting pretty” when DawgMom asks you to, now do I? No, I most certainly do not! Again, thankyouverymuch!

Now, for those of you out there that are reading this, I am a really good boy, DawgMom says I will make a great forever companion for someone someday, like I didn’t know that already. I ignore the little bratty dogs that live here, I ignore those things with feathers that live here, and yell at me I might add. All I want to do is play and love on the 2-leggeds I meet.  DawgMom says if you think you might want to adopt me and make me your very own forever companion visit The Bull Terrier Club of America website and read all about Bull Terriers. I do have to admit, we are not the breed for everyone, we do take alot of work, time and energy to live with. If you think you can handle our breed’s quirks and demands, then go for it and fill out an Adoption form here.

surveying1Now that I have officially introduced myself, I welcome any comments and I will try to answer any questions you might have.

Until next time,

Hucklebutts, sloppy kisses and Bullie hugs all around

(note from DawgMom~~My dearest Chico, Rufus is CH Rocky Top’s Sundance Kid.  He is actually Pappy’s Great-Uncle, which means Rufus is Pappy’s grandfather’s brother. Clear enough? 🙂  He won Best in Show at Westminster in 2006, which is a big, BIG deal to all us Bull Terrier humans. Now I know, being a show dog is not everything, but Pappy is very proud of his uncle, as well he should be. So please, indulge him a bit, he is just a baby after all, he’s only 11 months old. You are a very sweet boy and I will miss you when you go to your forever home, but while you are here with us, we will treat you like you are our own, NOT like a red-headed step-child)