About Us

We are 3 Bull Terriers, living in NE TN with our humans and a bunch of little brothers and sisters. We just wanted to blog about all the fun we have and read about other dogs having fun too.


2 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Gimli Reynolds Says:

    Dear Feather, Darla, Pappy and Chico. This is a great blog! I really like reading about you when my mom is out of the room. She gets real mad when I use her computer, but I’m just sneaky enough to lie down on the floor real fast when I hear her coming.

    Hey Feather, you better not be sayin’ bad things about red heads. Do you remember I’M red all over my body? And I am, you must admit, a handsome dude.

    Uh-oh, here comes mom!


  2. Strega Says:

    This is a GREAT blog!!

    You guys are doing a fantastic job! Maybe when my Jengo gets a little older, he can leave a comment himself.

    ** Yeah, whatever Lady- I’ll leave a comment right now! (She doesn’t even know I go on the computer all the time. And ‘wait ’til I’m a little older’?? What is that? I will be one on Saturday (Halloween)! **

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