WANTED~ A new secretary!

Must be willing to work tirelessly to meet OUR needs. Must be able to do what WE say and only what WE say. Must come bearing treats of all kinds. Must be able to type and update our bloggy. Must give ear scritches and belly rubs. Must not have any hobbies or other things to do. And most importantly… MUST work just for the pure joy of being around us TN Bull Terrors!!

This is the ad we are putting in the newspaper and all over bloggy land! DawgMom has gotten to be so lazy and so full of excuses and we’re tired of it. We keep telling her our bloggie needs to be updated at least every other day and that we HAVE to go visit all the other doggy-bloggies. This is getting ridiculous, she’s always got some kind of excuse about why she is not doing those things. This is the latest excuse…

Dumb Ol' Lamp

Dumb Ol' Lamp

fan lamp lit

fan lamp lit

She’s been making these things for days now. She says she has to get them finished for her kennel club dog show in May. They are the trophies for Group 1 placements. Well, who cares? We need to blog! We need to visit blogs! We need to play in the mud! We need ALL her attention! Doesn’t she know that? So, we’re lookin for a new secretary!

Don’t get us wrong, she’s a great DawgMom. We don’t want to get rid of her, we just want her to do as WE say. She loves us, she feeds us good, she does give us belly scratches all the time, but she’s a rotten secretary. I mean she really is. One excuse after another, “She has to work so we can eat” (what does her workin have to do with OUR eatin?) “She has to finish these lamps” She has to take a nap. Well, the naps aren’t bad since we loves us some naps with DawgMom. But really, if she can’t handle the most simple task of our bloggin, the least she can do is let us have the ‘pooter to do it ourselves or get us another, more willing secretary. Don’t you think?? Peggy Sue can’t help, all she does is lay on DawgMom’s lap and watch Andy Griffith while she’s supposed to be workin on the ‘pooter.

Peggy Sue watching TAGS

Peggy Sue watching TAGS

Then there’s this problem with not keepin up with our Twitter account. How hard is it to sign on and tell every-bully what’s goin on here in TN? It’s not, so why can’t she just keep up? If ya’ll have any suggestions we’d appreciate hearing them. Like I said, we don’t want to get rid of her as a DawgMom, we love her and she loves us, she just needs to get her priorities straight. Bull Terrors~FIRST! DawgMom’s dumb things~SECOND!

Some of you have asked to see some of our other brothers and sisters. Well, tryin to get that lazy secretary of ours to do much more than she is already NOT doin is nearly impossible, but we did get her to find a picture of Chief, our Chinese Crested brother in his pajamas. Yep, he wears flannel jammies when it’s chilly outside, they even have little ducks on them. Can you imagine havin to wear jammies and all the other dawgs laughin at you? He thinks they are being nice, but they are really makin fun of him. We do. It’s not as bad as havin to wear a diaper, but it is pretty funny, especially since Chief thinks he’s lookin so cool. Wonder if Lacie has jammies? HHMMMM. If we can get lazy butt DawgMom to go ask her, we’d know the answer to that most important question.

Chief thinks he's cool.

Chief thinks he's cool.

Here’s Chief’s mother Racy, hangin out at a dog show last year. She loves that bed, and she thinks she’s hot to trot when we are at the dog shows. Everyone fusses over her and tells her how boo-timous she is.

Chief's Mama, Racy

Chief's Mama, Racy

She loves that bed!

She loves that bed!

So, if any of ya’ll know where we can find a secretary that will put our needs and concerns above everything else, will ya’ll please let us know??

Darla Jean lookin for a secretary

Darla Jean lookin for a secretary


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9 Responses to “WANTED~ A new secretary!”

  1. Khyra Says:

    Good lukhk!

    With the ekhonomy as it is, woo should have no problem at all finding another to satisfy YOUR needs!

    Tank woo fur sharing what woo did!


  2. Stanislaw Says:

    Um… not here.

    ::Hey mom, can you spell “SLACKER”?::

  3. Pedro Says:

    Darla Jean,

    Thanks for getting your secretary to post the picture of your brother Chief. I think he’s a really interesting looking dawg. He’s got character! I think all the dawgs in your dawg house are really good lookin!


  4. Ransom Says:

    Wow! I’m just impressed that you HAVE a secretary!…even if she is a lazy slackard! I have to do all this by myself.

    (And I think the PJ’s look pretty cool!)

  5. doctor dre Says:

    hello terrors,
    i agree it was silly movie. dad said he couldn’t take it anymore after 20 minutes! maybe cissy like it though, because there were lots of chihuahua girls all dressed up and stuff. (chick flick!)

  6. Karen Forbes Says:

    We think the lamps are really ace can we win won do you think??

  7. Mango Says:

    I don’t know if you can find a place to go. It seems that we all suffer from this abuse from time to time. Perhaps we should just move from house to house so no peoples have to suffer the agony of actually PAYING ATTENTION to us and helping with our bloggies for too long. Sheesh.


    P.S. Momma says she LOVES those lighty things your mom makes and wants to know if she sells them online and / or has a web site. You can pee-mail her at


  8. tweedles Says:

    Hi my friends,
    We don’t have any suggestions for new secretary, so don’t know what to tell you, but,,, my moms think the lampys are beautiful and she is being very crafty. That is a good thing. My mommie does not do any crafty stuff – just goes to that worky place.

  9. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Patty says, “Gavin can’t talk now he’s too busy laughing at the Dr. Seuss dogs. Ooops, gotta run, don’t want Mom to catch me on her puter.”

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