The Sky has been leakin’

Feather Louise here, how’s every-bully been? DawgMom, Darla Jean and Pappy have been hoggin the pewter and I guess I finally fussed enough, DawgMom said I could have a turn. Don’t she know I’m the Queen and I should have first right of refusal??

We had a couple of really sunny, warm days since Pappy posted about our new house problems and then the sky started leaking ALOT. I mean one day after another after another. Today was the first day in a while that we didn’t have a leaky sky to look at. You should see our yard, it’s perfect for rolling around in and changing my color from white to brown!

DawgMom got the video camera out before the sky started leakin and took videos of us playing ball with DawgDaddy in the backyard. As soon as we can figure out how to get the videos on here, I’ll be sure to add them so you can see us havin fun. She did take some pictures of Pappy playin Chicken Run with DawgDaddy. Pappy thinks he’s hidin behind that bush! BOL  He’s such a silly boy!

"You can't catch me DawgDaddy!"

"You can't catch me DawgDaddy!"

DawgDaddy can't see me here

DawgDaddy can't see me here

The foundashuns man is out at our new house in the woods this week makin our driveway wider and then he is going to fix that drain problem. DawgDaddy says we should be moving out there the first week in May. Every-bully keep your paws crossed for us. We can’t wait!

LizzaBella aka Izzy, the spinning foster Bully we have here is doing alot better. Her tail is almost healed up and she is learning even more about playing like a real dog does. DawgMom took a couple of pictures of her out in the yard that sunny day and in the house playing with Cissy the Chiwawa Chawaawaa Messican Taco Bell Dawg. DawgMom even caught her in the middle of shakin her head, look at that funny face! She still has to wear that Frankiestein collar once in a while cause she still gets extra excited and tries to get her tail, but she doesn’t have to wear it as much as she used to. She’s put on 3 pounds since we brought her home too! She’s even learned how to sleep upside down like the rest of us Bullies do, see her peekin one eye at DawgMom while she’s takin the picture? BOL

Shakin that basketball

Shakin that basketball

Check my funny face!

Check my funny face!

Bully style sleepin

Bully style sleepin

That’s about all that’s been happening around here lately, but DawgMom says if the sky doesn’t leak this weekend, we get to go out and hunt some rocks for Pedro to put in his coffee table! We can’t wait. Besides, I think Cissy has a little bit of a crush on Pedro, she said he was one good lookin Chiwawa Chawaawa Messican Dang it! Taco Bell Dawg! Go check out his blog and check out his brother Ziggy’s blog  too. They’re pretty cool dudes!

Now, I have to get my bee-ootie sleep, but I’ll leave you with a picture of me with DawgMom when I was little.

Wasn't I cute when I was little?

Wasn't I cute when I was little?

Later taters,


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7 Responses to “The Sky has been leakin’”

  1. Khyra Says:

    Khute then!

    Khuter now!

    Tank woo fur the pupdate!

    I’m with woo: Takho Bell khanine works!


  2. Pedro Says:


    Oh I hope you find a rock for me! Tell Cissy I think she’s a very cute chichiwawa! Your little foster bully is really cute too. It was good to read your post. I’ve been stopping by & missing you!


  3. Sugar Says:

    Woof! WOW! Lot of pawtastic info on your blog … Lots of Golden Woofs! Sugar

  4. Stanislaw Says:

    We hope your foster keeps improving. There’s nothing like a little bully magic to heal a beast!

  5. Lacie Says:

    Hey Dogs!!!

    Don’t ya just love MUD…and that leakin’ sky makes it…it’s very good for ur complexion…..just erases my two year old wrinkles like magic!!!!

    You guys are fosterin’ a little sweet pup???? With a sore tail??? That’s a wonderful thing for your Peeps to do! stoopid bro Scruffy lives to chase balls and such…sounds like you guys would fit right in here with him!!!

    Love ya lots!


  6. doctor dre Says:

    hi bull terrors, very nice to meet you! thank you for visiting my blog. i’ve never met a bull terrors before but you guys seems to be so much fun to hang with! also you have funny face. come visit my blog again!

  7. morgan in Pittsburgh Says:

    GO MUD!! the best mess ever!!

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