Happy St. Paddy’s Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day to all our doggie bloggie friends! That’s our little brother, Pooch all dressed up for St. Patrick’s Day and yes he’s the same one that wears that stoopid diaper!

DawgMom colored him this way for Christmas a couple of years ago, but it works for St. Paddy’s too. Guess this means we can’t pinch him now?? Sheesh! That just takes the fun out of the day, don’t it? Oh yeah, since it’s St. Paddy’s Day and we eat raw diet, do we get raw corned beef and cabbage for dinner??

“May you be in heaven half an hour before the devil knows you’re dead!”


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6 Responses to “Happy St. Paddy’s Day!”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Mom says we can’t have the corned beef, cabbage, or potatoes she doesn’t want us stinking up the house with green clouds. I say what’s the problem with that? They’re green! Isn’t green important today?


    I won’t wear that stupid green hat, no way!


  2. Suzuki Says:

    Happy St Patricks Day!
    Big licks to you

  3. Mango Says:

    Cabbage? Your parents would need gas masks to keep from dying from your farts!

    As far as the holiday appropriate picture… that’s what happens when you’re a poodle.


  4. Khyra Says:

    Well, Mom has some khorned beef, khabbage, and kharrots on the stove…some ‘taters in the oven!

    She gave me some raw khabbage but I just left it – I’m sure I’ll have some of the khooked stuff…I mean, I love brussels sprouts and they are just little baby khabbages!

    I am glad she didn’t dye me green!

    Khyra O’Husky

  5. Golden Honey Says:

    Wow! How did that little guy turn green? Does it come off?

    Yea…don’t think my mom would go for the cabbage meal for me either.
    Cheers! Honey (13 yo golden)

  6. Stanislaw Says:

    Oh my feasting. I think Pooch ate too many green veggies. Mom always says that air biscuits are a side effect of too much greenery, but I never knew you could actually turn green!

    Happy belated Irish Day!

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