Foster Bullies

Ya’ll remember when DawgMom let Chico, our foster brother use the computer to tell a little about himself? Well, he found his forever home! His new hoomans think he’s awesome and sent DawgMom some pictures of him with his new sister, Maisey. He is living in NC not too far from us and having a great time in his new house. His new name is Buster and from the looks of his pictures, he doesn’t miss us at all. DawgMom says Chico aka Buster, was the best dog we could get for our first time rescuing and fostering a Bull Terrier. He was such an easy, fun dog to have around, he made the whole process easy on her and DawgDaddy. Check out how happy he looks.

With his new hooman, Craig

With his new hooman, Craig

Buster with his new sister, Maisey

Buster with his new sister, Maisey

"See my smile?"

"See us smile?" Sitting pretty for a treat

The very next day after Chico aka Buster went to his forever home, DawgMom got an email from Miss Becky about a Bullie girl in the Knoxville shelter that needed to be pulled out of there by the next day or they were going to send her to the Rainbow Bridge! So, on Valentine’s Day, DawgMom and DawgDaddy head to Knoxville to pick her up. LizzyBelle is small for a Bull Terrier and has some “issues” She is a very nervous girl and when she gets stressed out, she chases her tail until she catches it! When she catches it, she bites it until it bleeds. Her tail is a mess! She has to be on medicine to help her and DawgMom has to make sure her day stays on the same schedule all the time or she gets all stressed out again.  It’s pretty strange, cause us Bullies don’t understand why she does it. DawgMom says she was not lucky enough to have hoomans that loved her right from the start and she just didn’t know how to deal with being left somewhere by herself. She has been in bunches of home and 2 shelters already! She is starting to act like a normal dog, but DawgMom said she feels like we take 2 steps forward and one step back with her. Whatever that means.
DawgMom ordered a “Bite Not” collar for her to wear when no one is around to keep an eye on her and it makes her look like Frankie-stein. We’re not supposed to make fun of her, but it is funny looking and it’s hard not to make fun.
Trying to sleep on DawgDaddy with the Bite Not collar on

Trying to sleep on DawgDaddy with the Bite Not collar on

 We’re not sure how long Miss LizzyBelle will be with us, but DawgMom says it will probably be a while. We don’t mind though, she is very sweet and likes to play with us even though she don’t really know how to play. Can you believe that? She don’t even know how to play! We’re teaching her though. Well, everybody but Darla Jean is teaching her, Darla Jean bosses her around too much, so she is not allowed to play with her yet. She loves our little brothers and sisters and even sleeps with them. We hope she will come around enough to find her own forever home, but right now, we’re not sure what will happen. Just when we think she is getting better and not going to mutilate her tail, something will happen and she will have it bleeding again. She even bit the whole end off of it last week when she thought DawgMom left her! We are trying to teach her how to be a Bullie and how to have fun and that she doesn’t need to be afraid of things, but it’s hard work! Makes us all very tired.

Sunning myself at our house in the woods

Sunning myself at our house in the woods

Anyway, thought we would give you a few updates and show you some pictures, now since that weatherbug thingie on our ‘pooter says it’s 70 degrees outside, we’re gonna go play for a while. We’ll be back to our blog later.
Feather, Darla, Pappy & LizzyBelle

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16 Responses to “Foster Bullies”

  1. Allison (Dog Mom) Says:

    Hooray for Chico/Buster! We iz happee dat he haz a safe and happee home. We know dat woo will take care of LizzyBelle, too, so dat she knowz dat she iz loved and taken care of! Woo all arr speshul peeple!

  2. Allison (Dog Mom) Says:

    Oh–Gus and Waldo typed that, and then forgot to put their names. Silly dogs.

  3. Khyra Says:

    What special stories!

    I’m sure she’ll learn she’s loved and it is okay to let go and have some fun!


  4. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Yay! For Chico/Buster finding his forever home. Poor Lizzy, we’re glad she found an understanding foster home. We’ve fostered and placed many BTs over the years and wish you all the luck in the world. Now that I’ve retired from that job, who knows, one day I might be calling you looking for someone to give a forever home to. Hopefully that is waaaay off in the future.

  5. Suzuki Says:

    Thanks fur stopping by my blog. I have added you to my friends list so I can stop by more often, I hope thats ok?
    Big licks to you

  6. Mango Says:

    Momma says that there is a V-E-T at the Tufts school of doggie medicine who has studied the white bullies and thinks maybe they are prone to something called obsessive compulsive disorder.

    Here is their linky if you are curious

    I hope that Lizzy can get better.


  7. Karen Forbes Says:

    70 degrees we are lucky to hit 10 at the moment!!!

  8. Sugar Says:

    Woof! hi there … thanks for visiting my blog. Would love to be friends and exchange links. I’ll also connect with you on twitter .. i am Woof! Sugar

  9. daisydog Says:

    Lizzy is very lucky that your dawgmom is willing to help her get through her issues! Take good care of her and keep making her smile!

  10. Poppy, Penny & Patches Says:

    Woohoo for Chico/Buster! We sure hope Lizzie can overcome her issues! Patches had some issues when she came to live with us, but after almost 10 months, she has become a true Airedale and fits right into our pack. We hope Lizzie does the same!

    Poppy, Penny & Patches

  11. Suka Says:

    hey TN BUll Terriors,

    Thanks for sniffing your way to my blog to say woof! Nice to meet all of you! And how cool that you have a parrot too! I thought I was the only dog with a parrot! My parrot, Porgy, tells me to “Get out of the water.” How funny that yours tells you to “kennel up!” Aren’t birds funny creatures??

    I am very happy to read that Chico/Buster found a furever home. I am very sad to read about Lizzie and hope she gets better. It is heartbreaking to hear of doggies that are so sad that they don’t know how to play and they chew up their own tails! Woofs and licks to Lizzie! Your dawgmom and dawgdad sound very cool to help her!



  12. Mango Says:

    I would be happy to give you a reference. I will send a pee-mail to Opy right now.


  13. Lacie Says:

    Wahooooo…we so glad that the now Buster has his forever home!!! It’s so sad that Lizzie doesn’t know how to play…and that she’s bitin’ her own tailie…sounds like you guys are already teachin’ her the right things!!!

    We think your dogmom and dad are the best ever for helpin’ these dogs out!!!!

    Love and kisses…Laciegirlie

    Our hooman sissy is in Charlotte…and we are totally jelly of your weather!!!

  14. morgan in Pittsburgh Says:

    what a nice story about Lizzie. It’s nice she found you guys. Do you think Buster will start to blog?? That would be fun. I like fun.
    your pal, Morgan

  15. MypetcareTV Says:

    These dogs are beautiful. They’re stars in the making. You should have them get on the Pet Community. The social network for animals.

  16. Jake and Fergi Says:

    We’re so glad LizzaBella is with you furever now. Maybe that spinning will slow down once she knows you’re always gonna be there, meaning you’ll always come back. Fergi’s a spinner, too. But when Mom leaves and Fergi stays in her crate, she doesn’t seem to spin QUITE as much. At least she doesn’t cover quite as much territory. Oh, girls.


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