Honesty is the best policy

(*From DawgMom~Don’t know what the deal is with wordpress today, but I can’t seem to keep the fonts all the same color or things centered the way I want so….)

Wow! Imagine our surprise when we found out Sushi, Dolby & Murphy gave us an award! How cool is that?! There are rules (of course, ain’t there always rules?) So here we go…….


“When accepting this auspicious award, you must write a post bragging about it, including the name of the misguided soul who thinks you deserve such acclaim, and link back to said person so everyone knows he or she is real. Choose a minimum of 7 blogs that you find brilliant in content or design. Or improvise by including bloggers who have no idea who you are because you don’t have 7 friends. Show the 7 random victims’ names and links and leave a harassing comment informing them that they were prized with “Honest Weblog”. Well, there’s no prize, but they can keep the nifty icon. List at least ten honest things about yourself. Then, pass it on!”

DawgMom had to play the stupid draw straws game to see which one of us got to tell the truth and Pappy won. But then Feather got the great idea that we could all take turns telling the truth about ourselves! And since there’s 3 of us, we’ll do 4 each, that’s the only fair way to do it & it keeps whiney baby Pappy quiet for a while. So here we go:

Feather’s confessions:

1) I started my life off with LOTS of health problems. I have grain allergies & demodectic mange that are being managed now with our Raw Diet.

MMM Chicken Livers, see my big bowl?

MMM Chicken Livers, see my big bowl?



2) I love it when DawgMom holds me on her lap like a baby. Nevermind that I weigh 61 pounds & it makes her legs go to sleep, it’s comforting to me & that’s all that matters, ain’t it??Camping in Gettysburg, PA

3) I “talk” ALOT! I can make Wookie sounds, cry baby sounds & I can even do elk calls if we ever decide to go elk hunting.

 See? I can talk!





4) I am white, but not if I can help it. I try to do things to stay in fashion. I was even purple one time!

 Purple is my color, don't you think?

Darla’s Confessions
1) I am a Daddy’s girl, BIG TIME!

Me & Dad winning BOV at a dog show

Me & Dad winning BOV at a dog show

2) I am a supervisor & I take my job seriously, especially making sure that our new house in the woods is being done right.

Did that tile man get the new kitchen floor layed right??

Did that tile man get the new kitchen floor layed right??

3) I loves, loves, LOVES me some ribscicles! DawgMom makes sure we always have ribscicles in the freezer & boy oh boy are they gooood!

I LOVES me some ribscicles!!

I LOVES me some ribscicles!!

4) I am bootimous & I know it! DawgMom even left a mirror out so I can gaze upon myself whenever I want to.

Just look at that bootimous Bullie girl!

Just look at that bootimous Bullie girl!

Pappy’s confessions:
 1) I am the baby of the bunch, I just turned 1 year old on the 25th! DawgMom gave me a cool new birfday toy that I use for a pillow at night.

Cool new birfday combo pillow/toy



2) I can cover my ownself up with a bankie when I’m ready to take a nap.

It's chilly, where's my bankie?.


3) I hate, hate, HATE chicken livers! They are nasty no matter how DawgMom tries to fix them. I WILL NOT eat them, no way, no how. But I do love me some cottage cheese & bananas, it’s so good I always manage to get it all over my nose.
Cottage cheese on my nose.
Cottage cheese on my nose.

 4) I am so ready for spring & I am sick of my swimming pool being empty, so I fixed that dumb old pool but good. Bet it won’t hold water now!!

I showed that dumb waterless pool!

I showed that dumb waterless pool!

 Now, we have to choose 7 bloggies to give this award to and we chose:

Bolo that cool Shar Pei, Daisy the bootimous Pink girl, Gavin & Patty the Bull Terriers, Rudy Tootie the Agility Bedlington, Stanislaw the raw meat eater, Nigel & his crew and All Them Whippets.

If you have already gotten this award, sorry for the double up, and if someone can tell us how to get this award in our sidebar, we’d appreciate it. DawgMom tends to get a little silly about trying to figure things out on this here ‘puter sometimes.

Hucklebutts & good times to all,

Feather Louise, Darla Jean & Pappy Joe








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10 Responses to “Honesty is the best policy”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Gavin and Patty told me to tell you that they are awestruck at such a nomination. Thank you!

  2. Life With Dogs Says:

    Oh I’m double tagged and bad me, I have yet to complete my list of ten. Between work and this fun I’m down to five hours of sleep each night. I’ll try to get my list done by the weekend so the Blogger police don’t nab me 🙂

    I wish I could help with your sidebar issue, but Blogger is much different.

    And easier 🙂


  3. Stanislaw Says:

    Thanks for the award dudes! That was totally awesome of you to think of us. We’ve got a post of our answers here:


    Some of them are embarrassing!

  4. Khyra Says:

    Furry interesting tidbits of skhrap to learn about woo!

    Khottage cheese is khwite yummy!


  5. Mango Says:

    RAW FOODABLES! I am jealous! I do get ribsicles sometimes, though. Maybe Pappy can send his livers to me. I will take good care of them.

    No wonder Darla Jean is so vain. She is one of those fashion show doggies. That explains it. I prefer your total whiteness myself.


  6. patience-please Says:

    Thanks! We are so honored!

    wags from the whippets

  7. daisydog Says:

    hi feather, Darla and Pappy! I already did get this warad, but there are 3 dogs here, so if you don’t mind we can have Roscoe and Sprocket play too!

  8. tweedles Says:

    Hi Feather, Darla and Papppy,
    Thank you for visiting my bloggie. Interesting food you have there, I would say. My mommie does not give me raw food- but sometimes i find raw mice! Livers,,, well maybe cooked! And what big bowls of food you have! I only get a quarter cup of food 3 times a day- I am jealous!
    You guys are cuties and I say yes to sitting on moms lap until the legs go to sleep- its part of the rule game!
    And yes to nice blankies to cover with

  9. morgan in Pittsburgh Says:

    Hi -I have a bull terrier friend named Sugar – she belongs to my mailman – Joe – I love Joe – he brings me cookies. Stop by my blog and go to last summer – I forget which month. There are pictures of the time he brought her to visit me.
    Your pal, Morgan

  10. Karen Forbes Says:

    We are some of your terrier friends from Scotland come by and see us sometime. We really like your show win.

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