Shameless? Us? What’s yer point?


Glad yer home~Pappy style

Glad yer home~Pappy style

We have been called many things. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s false, sometimes it’s just plain stoopid. Now, we sometimes take offense at some of the things, but we WILL admit if it’s true. Some examples of “Just Plain Stoopid”~~ 

People see Feather and say What is that? A pig?(eyes roll) Please! A pig? I don’t see a curly tail on Feather Louise, do you? (altho she acts like one sometimes, see below) They have asked DawgMom “Is that a DOG?”  No, it’s a hippo on a leash~Here’s yer sign. They’ve asked if we bumped our heads on something, one lady even asked “Are they made that way?”No, DawgMom watches QVC alot and ordered a face-enhancer~(somebody hand me another sign, I ran out) We have a Bullie friend that tells us that some idiot woman asked his DawgMom if he was an armadillo? What the heck is an armadillo anyways?  Then there was the time The Papster was at the vet when he was a baby and some crazy cat lady looked at his little bum and said “He’s got a fat rear doesn’t he?” He turned to look at her and she was all flustered and said “Oh My, he’s got a fat front too”  She’s one of them that asked if he was made that way. But then, what do you expect out of a crazy cat lady??

Now sometimes DawgMom and DawgDaddy call us things too. Sometimes it’s good, sometimes it’s not so good. Like when we’re being cute, DawgMom calls us “shuggieplums” or something silly like that. She calls Feather~Weezy. She calls Pappy~Buddy Ro and she calls me Miss Jeannie. When we’re being monsters a little bratty, they sometimes use bad words. I swear sometimes I think my registered name might just be ‘DarlaDammit’. And if we’re REALLY bad, they use our whole names. That doesn’t happen very often, and when it does it’s usually the dumb Poodle’s fault. I mean, we hafta yell at him, we just hafta! Have you ever had a Poodle say bad words at you? It ain’t pretty, and he’s such a little drama queen! I mean, really, look at him, all prissed out in his fancy-schmancy clip and with his diaper on. A DIAPER!! He has to wear a diaper cause he doesn’t know how to keep all 4 on the floor and he cocks his leg on anything, INCLUDING us. Where does he get off being a drama queen anyway. Soooo, we hafta yell really loud at him, then DawgMom tells US to be quiet while the Drama Queen walks off laughin!

The Drama "Queen" in HIS diaper

The Drama "Queen" in HIS diaper

Now admit it, wouldn’t you hafta fuss at something that looked like that? I thought so. But, I digress….Today, we have been called ‘shameless’ and you know what? We ARE, cause we are shamelessly asking that you go over to Mango-Minster and leave a comment voting for us in his Bloggy Doggy dawg show. Your comment IS your vote. You can see pictures of all the contestants in the Terrier Group, and you will notice a running theme over there…..all them terriers seem to have beards! So us eggheads that look like armadillos need some support over there. Will you please go support the TN Terrors? And could someone find out just what the heck an armadillo is???

Actin like a pig beggin DawgMom's brekkie

Actin like a pig beggin DawgMom's brekkie


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8 Responses to “Shameless? Us? What’s yer point?”

  1. Mango Says:

    I didn’t know you had a poodle at your house. What a doofus that guy is.

    Here at the Mango Estate, we are all big fans of egghead doggies. Do you know Biggie-Z? He gets all sorts of dumb comments from people and his mom calls them WTF people. I agree.

    Oh yeah, I hear HBO words around here sometimes, but mostly directed at Pee-Wee.


  2. Four Musketeers Says:

    I do have to agree with MAngo ,
    We didn’t know about any poodle in your house too !
    BOL .

  3. Khyra Says:

    Hooomans khan be soooo stoopid!

    Mom always gets tired of those that ask us where her sled is when I’m walking her!


  4. Daisy Says:

    Hey all you terriers and a poodle too! thanks for the link love, we will give you some too.

  5. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Gavin says, “at least my friend/neighbor since pupyhood, Cleo the standard poodle doesn’t wear a diaper.”
    Patty says, “I hate that bit**! I always yell at her.”

    We’ve been called aarvarks, sheep, pigs, and what-the-heck-is-that?

  6. Elena Says:

    Mystery solved – I had wondered at the warm reaction I got from the two BT humans I’ve run into here – From me, a big grin, and recognition that I knew I was looking at a BT. From the puppy when I squatted down, I got a big BT love fest. Another time, the BT who did not warm up to strangers quickly, came right to me and rolled over for a tummy rub.

    At all times their humans were thrilled. I didn’t understand how silly stray humans could be about darling BT’s.

  7. Boo from The Porch Says:

    OMGosh, how hilarious! “He’s fat in the front, too!”…I laughed out loud, Mavis!

  8. Trooper Says:

    Hey Feather, Darla & Pappy! I think you eggheads are like, totally awesome. (Sorry dudes and dudettes, I’m from So. California and that’s how we talk out here.) Thanks for visiting my blog!

    Your Pal,

    P.S. The Drama Queen in the diaper made my mom laugh out loud while she was drinking her morning coffee. It was NOT a pretty sight!

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