Is DawgMom ‘llergic too?

Tryin to help DawgMom to feel better

Tryin to help DawgMom to feel better

I think DawgMom must be ‘llergic to grains too, just like me. I heard her while she was on the phone, tell DawgDaddy  she had a “my-grain” headache. I don’t know what kind of grain a “my-grain” is, but it must be pretty yukky. Just look at that picture of DawgMom up there, look how bad her face looks, that “my-grain” must be really bad stuff. I can’t figure out why DawgMom keeps eatin them “my-grains” if they make her feel so bad and make such uggie faces. That was me last time she ate them grains tryin to help her feel better.  I been tryin to get ever’body in this house to be quiet, apparently when you eat “my-grains” you can’t stand noises. And of course, all these bratty little brothers and sisters only think about themselves and are tryin’ to boss DawgMom into letting them outside every 20 minutes. What’s up with that anyway?  I mean, us Bullies know how to be good, but not them little monsters, brats, brothers and sisters of ours. This is what Darla is doin so she don’t make too much noise, playin tent games. See her white stripe on her nose in the lower right corner?

Darla tryin to be quiet

Darla tryin to be quiet

 Maybe DawgMom needs to start eatin the raw diet like we do, then she won’t have them “my-grains” layin around, making her eat them. I’m just at my wit’s end tryin to figure out what to do for her. It worries me when she don’t feel good. I follow her everywhere she goes just in case she needs me or something. I know she appreciates me being so attentive, she told me I was her little “Scotch” not sure what that means, but she told DawgDaddy I was like a piece of tape on her butt. She said I was doing a good job takin care of her. It’s not really that hard, this is what we have been doing for most of the day.

We all try to help her if she needs it

We all try to help her if she needs it

That was last time she ate “my-grains” DawgDaddy sneaked in on us and took a picture of us all trying to be close and snuggie to DawgMom. I hope she feels better soon, it’s hard tryin to keep all the little monsters dogs in line around here by myself. I hope she will learn her lesson and stop eatin them “my-grains” I told her, she’s probably ‘llergic just like me. Well, it’s time for me to go get all the little brats dogs back in the house, then I’m off to go back to bed with DawgMom, I hope DawgDaddy doesn’t work late tonight, being a nurse is hard work.

Hucklebutts (quietly)


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8 Responses to “Is DawgMom ‘llergic too?”

  1. Kira Says:

    You all look like you are taking good care of your Mom with her grain allergy! You are sweet doggies, and so was the one we say the other day in the doggie park, Scampi liked it more than me, I don’t like doggies sniffing me back there… Scampi thinks it is fun, strange little guy……
    -Kira, The Beautiful

  2. Mo Says:

    We sure hopes your momma gets over those ‘grain allergies, reeeeaal soon!

    Our momma’s been snifflin’ all week…she’s bein’ better today, tho…hope you’s guys can say the same, soon!

    Howls & meows,

    ~Dolby, Murphy & Sushi (Mo’s crew)

  3. Biggie-Z Says:

    I heard My Grains are really bad news. Sounds like Your Grains are bad too!

    You all are being super-special sweet doggies to snuggle up and make her feel better. Maybe a raw diet for your Mom would be good. I know I always feel better after I’ve had a turkey neck.

  4. Khyra Says:

    Woo do grrrreat work!

    I do think that khalls fur extra khompensation!

    My pal PHBbbbbb khalls her mom’s ‘selfish grains’ –

    I hope woo help watch her diet fur her!


  5. Bolo Says:

    What would our pawrents do without us. Take good care of your Mom.
    My Mom said she’d be glad to teach your Mom all about perogies. Look for something about it in March.

  6. daisydog Says:

    Thank you for the vote. We are gonna give u some link love and read your blog and learn all about you!

  7. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Patty says, “take care of your Mom. Hope she feels better soon. That buckethead, coneheaded, whiny butt big brother of mine is a real pain. Our mom is also doing a lot of napping and it’s all the buckethead’s fault.”

    Gavin from his crate, “I’m tellin!!!”

  8. Mo Says:

    Please do stop by our bloggy – we have a ‘gift’ for yous!

    ~Sushi (Mo’s manx)

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