Little brothers and sisters….

can be a real pain in a Bullie’s butt sometimes. Remember how I told you we live here with little brothers and sisters, well I thought I would introduce one of them to you. See when DawgMom and DawgDaddy got married back in June of 2007, all of us became a family. DawgDaddy had 6 of us and DawgMom had 8 of us. We became something like a Doggie Brady Bunch. So I’d like you to meet Cissy. She is not the youngest, but she is pretty little, so I guess she would be like Cindy’s counterpart, their names are alike. She’s bratty like Cindy too.

Hoggin the bed

Hoggin the bed

Pappy says: Here’s the story of a lovely lady, who was bringing up 8 very lovely pups….

Darla says: Pappy!! Hush up! Feather’s tryin to tell a story!

Pappy: I’m tellin’ a story too, didn’t you hear me? “Here’s the story”??

Cissy says: Ya’ll knock it off! Feather is tryin to introduce me! Sheesh, ya’ll really are Bull TerrOrs!!

Feather says: Please ignore them, they are sooo rude! I’m gonna tell DawgMom not to give them any chicken feet tomorrow

Anyway, I was trying to say, when they got married, we all moved in together and all of us got along really good. Cissy is a little black Chiwawa, Chiwaawaa, Messican Taco Bell dawg, and talk about bossy, man is she ever! DawgMom says it’s because she came from such a bad past.

 DawgMom got her out of the animal shelter in D.C. and she was really sad. She was really scared of everybody and everything, she would scream, shoot a turd at the same time and try to bite anybody that came close to her. She was REAL skinny too and DawgMom says her first stoopid owner was mean to her.  That’s how come DawgMom named her Cissy, cause she was a sissy about everything. She was even afraid to go poop, she would start shaking real bad and start whining and when she finally couldn’t hold it any longer and did poop, she would run back in the house and hide under the bed shaking for a long time, like she was afraid she would get in trouble or something! She was afraid of everything. She’s not anymore though. DawgMom has had her for 6 years now and we think she is about 8 years old.

She's beggin, like always

She's beggin, like always

Now, Cissy thinks she is the boss of everything and everybody. She even bosses DawgDaddy sometimes, but he just laughs at her. She bosses me alot because I like to do my head-thing at her. I bow down so I’m real close to the ground like she is and shake my head back and forth at her. It drives her crazy! I think it’s funny and take off hucklebutting all through the house just to make her chase me. She’s like a piranha on crack! All you can see is big white streak (me) with a little black and white flash (Cissy and her teeth) running behind and she sounds like an over grown bumble bee when she growls and snarls. It’s is just too funny.

Pappy says: Till the one day when this lady met this fellow, and they knew it was much more than a hunch…

Darla says: Will ya KNOCK IT OFF! I’m trying to hear Feather!

Pappy says: that this group would somehow form a family, that’s the way we all became the Doggie Brady Bunch!

Cissy says: That’s it! I’m tellin’! MOOOOOMM!

Cissy in her hoodie

Cissy in her hoodie

Schmoozin DawgDaddy's dinner

Schmoozin DawgDaddy's dinner


Well that’s just great!  Now thanks to Pappy’s singing and teasing everybody, then Cissy screeching for DawgMom, we have to get off the computer and go to bed! Thanks alot ya’ll! I was going to tell everybody about  Mango Minster,  and go see who all was entered in this neat bloggy doggie show, but I can’t now! Ya’ll just wait, what goes around comes around and I’ll get ya’ll back!

Pappy says: Doggie Brady Bunch, Doggie Brady Bunch, that’s the way we all became…


Cissy says: and they say little dogs never shut up! You ask me, it’s those terrOrs that never shut up!


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5 Responses to “Little brothers and sisters….”

  1. Biggie-Z Says:

    Hey guys, thanks for visiting my blog! So… I’m a little confused. Just how many of you are there? 14? But only 3 of you are bull terriers? Whoa, that’s a lotta dogs!

  2. stanislaw4meat Says:

    Hey dudes! We finally found you! Blogger was having issues linking thru to your blog on there… I got here via my blog stats. It’s so nice to finally see my fellow feasters’ faces!

    You are indeed once beastly handsome lookin’ bunch. A canine bunch. A BIG canine bunch. Can I move in too?

    • tnbullterrors Says:

      Stan the Man! Glad you finally got over here, you & your brother come on over, ya’ll can move in too, just remember DawgMom is a groomer, maybe we can break those buzzy things you don’t like.

  3. doggonedmysteries Says:

    Gavin says, “I’m glad I’m not the only dog who has embarrassing pictures up in a blog. Mom said she just HAD to put my Buckethead pictures up tonight.”
    Patty giggles and says, “Buckethead, Buckethead, Coneheaded dog!”
    Gavin says, “Shuddup or I’m gonna tell.”

  4. Pedro Says:

    Thanks for sending me a link to the story of your Dawggie Brady Bunch! That’s really interesting. So now you’re gonna live in a house in the woods with room for all! I’d like to see pictures of your whole family!


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