“The Papster”

So, today DawgMom says I can play on the computer, I say it’s about time! Just because I am the baby around here does that mean I have to be last at everything? Why can’t we go by weight, then I’d get to be first since I weigh the most. Oh well, I’m over it.

Today you get    “Everything you always wanted to know about “The Papster” & then some”

I’ll be a whole year old on the 25th of this month! Can you believe it? A year already, boy time sure does fly. I’m a born and bred Tennessee Bullie. I am brindle and white and DawgMom says I’m just boo-ti-mous (like I didn’t know that already) I am 4th generation raw fed, I have never had kibble, I don’t even know what kibble is. I eat all kinds of meat. One of my favorite things is a turkey drumstick. DawgMom just hands it to me and I crunch away. mmmmm boy are they good!  You can look at my coat and tell how good that raw meat makes me look. All of us eat raw diet, not just us Bullies. It’s way good!

Playin wif my sister, Peggy Sue

Playin wif my sister, Peggy Sue

That’s me with my sister Peggy Sue, she’s 3 weeks older than I am, she’s a Toy Poodle. I’m 9 weeks old in that picture and we are showing DawgMom just what we think a pee-pad should be used for……Tug-o-War. It’s! the! best! When it rips, little pieces of white fluff go all over the place! Now before you go makin fun of her being a Toy Poodle, us Bullies have taught her real good, she is really a Bull Terror in a funny lookin coat. She even hucklebutts, well she tries to anyways.

I swear it wasn't me!

I swear it wasn't me!

 Why does she always think it was me??? Just because something goes wrong around here does NOT mean a Bullie did it. Really, it doesn’t! There ARE other dogs living here ya know.  Sheesh! Besides how can you look at that face up there and even think I did anything wrong?

Cover me up please

Cover me up please

 See, I’m not a trouble-maker, well only always sometimes. I can cover my own self up when I go to bed, now how many other dogs do that? Besides, DawgMom thinks it’s cute when I do that and I do stuff like that to get my way always want to do things that make DawgMom laugh cause I’m a good boy.

DawgMom says this is a 'profile shot'

DawgMom says this is a 'profile shot'

I don’t know why DawgMom is always making me turn my head sideways to take a picture, then she goes on about sending them to Gramma Vicki and Gramma Janice. I mean, they seem to get the biggest kick out of it. I just don’t understand, I AM a Bull Terrier, and Bull Terriers are supposed to HAVE “egg” heads, not just BE eggheads.  DawgMom says I’m 10.5 months old in that picture getting lovin from DawgDaddy so you can see my “egg” head.

What? I'm helpin!

What? I'm helpin!

 I am also a very good helper. See? I help with the laundry all the time, when I was little I would get in the dryer and make sure it didn’t eat any socks, I would look all around in there then tell Mom it was all clear, no socks. Now, I’m too big to get my whole self in there, so I just stick my head in there and look around. I also help her fold the clothes and put them all around the room instead of in one or two big piles. I’m a good helper.

Playin in the big hotel bed at the Silver Woods

Playin in the big hotel bed at the Silver Woods

DawgMom says my bestest job I do is make her laugh and I’m really good at doing that. When we went to the Silver Woods in Orlando last year, we got to stay in a big old room that was just mine, and Darla’s and DawgMom’s. Nobody else was there and we got to play on the bed all we wanted without sharing. I thought it would be funny to make a tent, but Darla wouldn’t help me, so I only got part of my big old self under the covers. DawgMom laughed and laughed and that made me do it even more. Oh, and DawgMom said since Nigel could post a shot like that, I could post one too,  but since I haven’t learned how to read those magazines that Nigel reads, I just roll around and play.

So, now that you’ve met all us Bullies that live here in NE TN with DawgMom and DawgDaddy, maybe soon you can meet some of the other creatures and dogs that live here with us.

Until next time DawgMom lets me have the computer,



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