Helping~Bull Terrier Style

Hey everybody, it’s me, Darla.

So, DawgMom has been telling us that we are moving to a new house in the woods, not those Silver Woods that all the Bull Terriers go to in October and run around in a ring standing pretty and letting people look at us, these are different woods. They don’t take as long to get to as the Silver Woods do either. Anyway, she has been telling us this tale and I was beginning to think ~ a) she was making it up to get us to be good,~ b) she was playing jokes on us, or ~c) her half-timer’s dizeezs was moving into full-timer’s dizeezs. Guess what though, we really ARE moving to a new house in the woods! I went there with her the other day, really, I did!

Our new house in the woods

Our new house in the woods

First we drove up this long driveway, surrounded by woods on both sides and one side looked kind of scary, it was a long drop off the side, but she drove good and we didn’t fall. Then when I got out of the Blazer, man oh man, talk about the smells! It was heaven, I could smell deer, squirrels, raccoons, birds, all kinds of things! It was great! Then I got to “christen” our new kennel, I did a really good job too, even though I don’t normally poop until late in the evening, I made sure I was the first one to poop in it! Pretty good, huh?

Checking out part of the kennel

Checking out part of the kennel

DawgMom said she brought me along to help her with things there. When I walked in, I could see alot of our stuff was there, but it was all over the place, a chair here, a couch there, coffee table over there, I mean to tell you it was a mess. I knew I had my helper job cut out for me, but hey, I’m a Bull Terrier, I can do this better than anyone!

Look at THAT mess

Look at THAT mess

Before I got started, I made my rounds, I checked every room upstairs and downstairs. Once I was satisfied there were no boogeymans lurking anywhere, we went to work. We started downstairs in what DawgMom calls “The Bull Terrier Bed & Brekkie Room”  you know, the room where TraceyBelle and her Mama will stay, or China and her Mama or Traveller and his Mama, well you get the picture, the Bull Terriers we know that might want to visit us. Any old how, the bed was in pieces, I’ve never seen such a thing, but it was. I was very good at showing DawgMom where to put things and how to move them big old mattress thingies and what to do with the mirror.

Hey, check this out!

Hey, check this out!

With my help we got it all moved where DawgMom wanted it and started putting the sheets and bedspread on the bed. Now there’s where she really needed my help. After many times of her saying “Darla, get off the bed” or “Get down Darla, I can’t make the bed with you on it” once she even said “Dammit Darla, get down”   I was thinking “Don’t get your panties in a wad Mom, I’m only trying to help, you obviously need it, look at those corners, not even tucked right!”

Look at that, not even tucked!

Look at that, not even tucked!

We finally got it all done though, she took forever, what is the big deal about making a bed while a Bullie is on it supervising anyway? I thought that is why she brought me, to help, was it not? She forgot the pillows though, so we didn’t get to put those on there. I could have helped with that too. When we finished, I checked all around and she did a pretty good job.

Looks pretty even to me

Looks pretty even to me

I was ready to tackle that living room upstairs, but DawgMom has some kind of Deg-inatif Diss Dizeezs in her back (DawgMom note: Degenerative Disc Disease Darla, I know it’s a big word for a Bullie girl like you) Any who, she can only do so much lifting and pulling and stuff before she has to quit, so all we got done that day was “The Bull Terrier Bed & Brekkie Room” So we decided to go back to our house we are still living in and she says we can come back out sometime this week and do some more work. We headed up the stairs to turn off the T.V. and call DawgDaddy to tell him we were leaving. I always go first, in case a boogeyman came in while we weren’t looking.

"Bullie Butt!"

"Bullie Butt!"

I’m sure DawgMom will take more pictures next time and I will be back to tell you what all we did that day. DawgMom says I get to go with her because I am the best helper and because I’m the best DawgMom protector. She told the story over on her blog “Tails of GroomerAng” about the crazy lady that used to live in this house and just in case that crazy lady shows up, I can be there to let DawgMom know and keep her safe. See, I’m an all around helper.

Until next time,

Hucklebutts & Bullie Hugs


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6 Responses to “Helping~Bull Terrier Style”

  1. doggonedmysteries Says:

    How wonderful to have a new house in the woods. My guys would love it too. We live in the middle of a big city but we are fortunate enough to have a nice, big fenced in yard. You keep helping Mom with the moving stuff so you can get settled in there real quick. 😉

  2. Elena Says:

    And I thought making a bed with a cat helping was hard! Clearly Sweetie has been outclassed.

    Best wishes with your move,

    • tnbullterrors Says:

      not to worry Sweetie, I bet you can put holes in the bedspread a WHOLE lot better than I can!
      Darla Jean

  3. Lacie Says:

    Hey…please to meet ya!!!!!

    That new house looks totally bootiful!!! Good luck with the move…the packin’ boxes are just the best to rip the tape off of and chew up!!!!!

    Thanks for visitin’ our bloggie!!!


  4. Nigel, Sola & Co. Says:

    Welcome to your new digs. We love living in the woods!

  5. Mo Says:

    I swear – my Murphy girl has that *same* bulliebutt!!

    ~Mo (2 hounds & a manx)

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